Neo Yacht Volume One by Rose Field

The first mix in a new series by Rose Field featuring the best modern day tracks which continue the smooth traditions of the golden age of '70s and '80s yacht rock and soul.

B.J. Smith – Prototype
Sex on Toast – Hold My Love
Leron Thomas – Don’t You Know
Boss Selection – Flip & Rewind
Vulfpeck – Back Pocket
Marie Key – Fatter Det Nu
White Denim – Take It Easy
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti – Can’t Hear My Eyes
Malca – She Gets Too High
Daft Punk – Fragments of time
Moi Je – Respire
Benny Sings – Can You Believe It’s Magic
The Blue Van – Illusion
Roman GianArthur – I-69
M83 – Moon Crystal
Sun Rai – San Francisco Street
Jamiroquai – Blow Your Mind


Anonymous said…
Modern day? Blow Your Mind was 24 years ago!!
I was going to add that caveat...but I thought surely no-one could be that pedantic!
Anonymous said…
Music history is the one place you need to steer clear of if you don't want to mix with pedantics! The fact is the track is closer to the 60s than the present day (which makes me feel incredibly old)
professor Eddy said…
I caught this one on Mixcloud some time ago. A wonderful mix!

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