Rodeo Cosmico: an Audiovisual Mix by The Flying Mojito Bros

"So finding wild old tracks and producing remixes and edits is all peachy and that, particularly when DJs you admire pick them up and run with them," says Jack Sellen of The Flying Mojito Bros. "But we always knew there was hella lot more that could be done, different methods for smelting that ol' gold ore we'd mined into something really desirable to people.

Drawing on Ben's skills as a professional Musical Director for electronic artists, and me on my skills of being good at sitting next to him eating crisps, we worked out a setup for taking just about anything – our choice at this stage being good-time knees-up country rock/funk – so that we're remixing, editing and mixing it on the fly as a performance. Add instrumentation (synths, drum machine, lap steel), trippy visuals triggered by the audio and a glitter ball, and you've got yourselves a goddamn cosmic rodeo!

This mix here showcases the new live show through our tried'n'tested crowdpleasers – straight-up pants-down dancing material. Catch us bringing the party to late-night festival tents over the summer...

Welcome to El Do-fucking-rado, compadres."


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