My Girlfriend's Dad Wanted A Mixtape - Steve Lee

Steve Lee started his music career twenty-one years ago. A gifted pianist as a child Lee studied at Trinity College of Music and in his early teens he discovered a passion for 1980’s hip hop DJ culture. In recent years he has played a mix of deep house, electronica and disco.

You can find Steve Lee at his residency Disco Not Disco in Kings Cross on a Friday night. He also runs Mondo and Balearica. In April, Steve formed The Project Club with partner Andy Black and they're set to release their first track Intro next month on cult label Is It Balearic? with remixes from Main Stem and Ray Mang.

In December 2008 his girlfriend's dad asked him for a mixtape...

1) Grandstand Supreme - Go Home Productions
2) Mick n Carly- Go Home Productions
3) I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit) - Phil Collins
4) Diamonds (Todd Terje Edit) - Paul Simon
5) Horse With No Name (Leo Zero Edit) ) - America
6) I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit) - Chic
7) How Long (Discolexia Edit) - Ace
8) You Make Lovin' Fun (Trailmix) - Fleetwood Mac
9) Happy Together (Wade Nichols Edit) - The Turtles

10) Late (DJ Spun Edit) - Paul Simon


Marvin said…
Hi, just listened to this, i had to post ... it's freakin' awesome!

seriously top draw!

Viagra Online said…
Steve Lee was or I think he's still my wife's musician, thank you for this, it will make me gain points with my wife tonight!
Dr Steve said…
Great mix, nice job!
Thanks for sharing.

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