AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD #6: Too Slow To Disco by DJ Supermarkt

Thanks to Marcus Leisenfeld for giving AOR DISCO this exclusive download. Leisenfeld is a Berlin club DJ but he's also known for his excellent soft rock mixes in the guises of DJ Supermarkt and Mellow Mafia. 

"For some time now I've been digging deeper and deeper into the 70’s world of soft rock and MOR," says Marcus. "The music that I associate with California radio stations and driving on desert highways on the west coast of the USA with some big car at a very slow tempo. For me this mix contains no irony at all.  This is BIG MUSIC, with big compositions, big arrangements and (extremely) big egos. I guess I am not alone with this hidden passion."

1. intro
2. ned doheny - give it up for love
3. alessi brothers - do you feel it
commercial break with frank zappa
4. vapour trails - do the bossa nova
5. david batteau - spaceship earth
6. rupert holmes - deco lady
7. ben sidran - hi-fly
8. john s. hall & kramer - garbage party
9. the attitudes - sweet summer music
10. sanford & townsend band - does it have to be you (supermarkt edit)
11. intro with gilbert o'sullivan
12. rickie lee jones - chuck e.'s in love
13. georgie fame - ho ho ho
14. carole king - bitter with the sweet
15. michael nesmith - capsule
commercial break: levi's with jefferson airplane
16. valerie carter - crazy
commercial break: wysocki college with spliff
17. ali thomson - take a little rhythm
18. paul davis - too slow to disco
19. monkees - zilch  

CD available to buy at Rough Trade

Too Slow To Disco: The 70s LA Softrockers Start To Move Their Feet...But Slowly - DJ Supermarkt �by� AOR DISCO


David said…
This is great. Thanks for sharing!
jme said…
repost? :)

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