Steve Lee started his music career twenty-one years ago. A gifted pianist as a child Lee studied at Trinity College of Music and in his early teens he discovered a passion for 1980’s hip hop DJ culture. In recent years he has played a mix of deep house, electronica and disco. You can find Steve Lee at his residency Disco Not Disco in Kings Cross on a Friday night. He also runs Mondo and Balearica. In April, Steve formed The Project Club with partner Andy Black and they've just released their first track, the excellent Intro,  on cult label Is It Balearic?with remixes from Main Stem and Ray Mang. The Original Mix is previewed here  - and the 12" is available at stores such as Phonica.  

Steve is one of the outstanding talents on the London club scene and his popular Facebook group Mondo Disco (which he runs with David Bumpstead) is highly recommended. In fact, this group - along with Graeme Fisher's Ibiza 1976ish Mix and Steve's My Girlfriend's Dad Wanted a Mixtape - was one of the big inspirations behind AOR Disco in the first place. 

AOR Disco Presents The Project Club is as "crazy, rough and ragged as you'd expect from the age of some of the material here," says Steve. "But then I was crazy drunk when I did it last night. It's full of wonderful weirdness, samples and twisted classics. However, I haven't done a tracklist as there is too much going on in the mix. But I'm sure the spotters will work it out. I will say though that this mix includes the theme to Monkey Magic. I've so wanted to get that in a mix for the last twenty years - I've now achieved that dream!"  


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