Brown Eyes (Maulongated Version) - Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes (Maulongated Version) �by� mau


rip_van_eel said…
Balearic Mike played this one at the A Mountain of One gig in Manchester last night, i was all ready to do some serious trawling and here it is! Awesome stuff.

Glistening Pelt
P. said…
Nice 1 - I like it!
Anonymous said…
Heard this on Ibiza Sonica a year or so ago and been playing it ever since. What a great extension of the original -- a fantastic journey.

I actually felt drawn to Ibiza last year around the time I was playing tracks like this. It was like i was being summoned somehow -- a calling, you might say.

Unfortunately the nearest I actually got was an all inclusive resort in Menorca with the girlfriend and kid.

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