AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #18: Marina Rock Mix by DJ Mark Taylor of La Homage

Mark Taylor has been collecting music since the mid-1970s, mostly soul, disco, funk, garage house - but also folk-funk, soundtracks, jazz-fusion, and especially Brazilian music.  In 2000 Mark did a compilation called 'Blue Brazil' for Blue Note Records and for the last eight years he has hosted the Happy Jazz Show on internet radio. 
But Mark has always sought out a good AOR record too and over the last eighteen months he's started working on a series of edits with Koh Uemura (who has had a couple of latin style edits out last year under the name K54). Together they go by the name of La Homage.

"Marina Rock" is a term coined by David B. Lyons, the co-creator of the television show "Yacht Rock". While the "elite studio artists" of the 1975-1984  golden age of AOR such as Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins were "Yacht", the acts who had no yuppie credentials or who never quite made the big-time such as Rupert Holmes, Player and Rick Bowles were strictly "Marina". 

Thanks to Mark Taylor for reviving these neglected artists, for a short-time at least.  

Art Garfunkel : In A Little While.
Player : Givin' It All.
Crackin : Don't You Wish You Could Be There.
Crosby, Stills and Nash : Dark Star.
Luc Cousineau : Vaya Mulata.
Kenny Rankin : Creepin.
David Gates : 20th Century Man.
Steve Kipner : Knock The Walls Down.
Ned Doheny : Think Like A Lover.
Rupert Holmes : Him - La Homage Edit.
Eric Tagg : Soultouch - La Homage Edit.
Rick Bowles : Your Loss.
Bill LaBounty : Dream On.
13 Cats : Most Of All.
Brooklyn Dream : Fallin' In Love.
Boz Scaggs : Downright Women.
Cheryl Ernst : Love Moan.
Batteaux : Living's Worth Living.
Kathy McCord : Jennifer.


Anonymous said…
FEELIN' your mixes big time:)
Seahawks x
Anonymous said…
a great inspiration for me, to make my own AOR Sets. Thanx a lot Mark


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