AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #37: On The Border (Ed Zone's South of the Border Re-edit) - Al Stewart

Many thanks to Ed Zone for this exclusive edit for AOR Disco


Deke DaSilva said…
Good work, Ed Zone!

I used to listen to the radio show "Rock Over London", and I remember hearing around 1985 or so that when the Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" first came out and was getting radio airplay, Al Stewart allegedly was in his car and heard the PSB song, and later called his agent to ask him if that was his song.

I see Al Stewart is doing a bunch of shows throughout the U.S., I might just check him out!

Who says blogs are killing music?

professor Eddy said…
That guitar sound is awesome! I like his 'Year of the cat' as well. Very nice edit!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely epic!!!

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