Carnaval De Trancoso by Psychemagik

In this third and final part of our  interview with Psychemagik (here are parts one and two) we asked Tom Coveney what else they had coming up this year...

We have a really fun and tropical summer disco killer called Carnaval De Trancoso coming out in June on House Of Disco Records' first EP. We used a flute and vocal sample from part of a 1977 AOR single and wrote a marimba and steel drum section that really gets the carnival spirit hapnin! I guess people will just assume it’s an edit but it goes a lot further than just chopping out the shit bits and adding a donk!

Even with our edits we always like to embellish them with extra synth parts, pads, vocals, vocoders, percussion etc.Whatever makes it bounce on the floor and also firmly puts our stamp on it. I’m not sure if we have a style yet but we’re working on it.

We have a follow up mix to Celestial Love due in July, going a lot deeper on this one. Plus we just got the parts - the solo vocals, backing vox, bass, drums, guitar etc - to an old 70’s classic by one of our favourite supergroups from back in the day. Keeping it hush hush for now, probably going to debut it on the boat party we’re doing at Electric Elephant festival in Craotia on Thursday 14th July.  This one is going to be an absolute monster! We're also really looking forward to our debut slot at Bestival this year in the Bollywood tent on Sunday,  September 11. That tent goes off!


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