Valley Of Paradise - Psychemagik

In this second part of our Psychemagik interview (here's the first part) Tom Coveney tells us about the release their first ever original single...

Valley Of Paradise…this was the first track Danny McLewin and I worked on together. He introduced me to the original David Crosby vocal sample and I fell in love with it straight away. We sat down quickly mapped out some drums and bass then enjoyed some booze infused twinkling on the keys. As the track progressed we wrote some simple string lines and bugged out the vocal and added a new guitar melody played by our good friend Tom Greenwood. 

Being on Warner’s gave us the luxury to take it a step further and get live drums (Roger Chapman, recorded at Toerag Studios) and a full 17 piece orchestra (arranged by Richard Chester, recorded in Lyndhurst Hall, Air Studios). This was an incredible day…we actually recorded strings for five tracks on the album. You just cant fake that sound. Amazing!

On the B is Star Lazer...which is more of a cosmic disco beast! All original...we had some fun with the vocoder and funky guitars and synth patterns. Started as a bit of fun, but its turned into quite a trip. Check out our promo videoThe scheduled release date is 20th June, only 350 copies worldwide on limited edition, hand numbered, marbled white vinyl.

The final part of our Psychemagik interview will be up on AOR Disco on Friday 17th / Buy Psychemagik's Valley of Paradise and David Crosby's 1971 album If Only I Could Remember My Name

 Valley Of Paradise - Psychemagik  (Clip) by Psychemagik 


Ben Zaven Doodles said…
This is one of the most sublime tracks of the year by far and away..

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