Ready 4 Airplay Volume 8 by Flashlites Productions

At last...the new installment of Flashlites Productions' history of Westcoast/AOR is here. Having started in the mid-1970s, the Ready 4 Airplay series now takes us into the early 1990s. Featuring solo tracks by Bill Champlin of Chicago and Glenn Frey of The Eagles plus lesser known tracks by America and Hall and Oates - as well as the usual collection of  lost classics, failed hits and contemporary FM radio clips -  Volume 8 shows that the grunge/alternative movement at the time was little more than a distant irritant for these veterans of the Californian smooth music scene. 

1. Loving Arms – Darden Smith 
2. Windblow - The Fith Avenue Band Feat. Murray Weinstock 
3. Touched By Love - Ned Doheny 
4. Turn The Moon - Marilyn Scott 
5. Settlin' Down - Bill Cantos 
6. Strange Weather - Glenn Frey 
7. Let Me Go Love - Nicolette Larson & Michael McDonald 
8. Halfway There - Hall & Oates 
9. Free Floating - Gary Clarke 
10. Can't Wait Any Longer - Southern Sons 
11. Young Moon - America 
12. Just To Be Loved - Bill Champlin 
13. Roxanne - Jay Graydon 
14. What's Wrong With This Picture - Bourgeois Tagg 
15. Talk to you - Robbie Dupree 
16. It's No Secret - Stan Meissner 
17. Land Of Dreams - King Of Hearts


professor Eddy said…
Again, a superb mix by Flashlites Productions! I enjoy them all.

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