AOR DISCO Presents The Project Club

Many thanks to Steve Lee of The Project Club and Above Machine for this exclusive mix.  It's great to hear such a pure AOR Disco mix and Steve has perfectly captured best aspects of the genre, from beardy introspection and acoustic guitars at the start to upbeat soft rock, disco and funk in the middle and then moving on to epic guitar solos at the finale, with various interesting rarities on the way. And all with a smooth, 1970s yacht-rock feel. 

The next 12" vinyl record on Above Machine is Another Day by Seconds which will be released in May at all good independent stores. Remixes provided by seamates Lexx and Seahawks.

Steve Lee also runs the new monthly AOR Disco night at London Fields.  The next party will be on the Saturday 26th May hosted by The Electric Disco and Balearic Social

Molly Wagner - "Weekend"
(Library Record) Desert LP "Blow Bubbles"
Paqua - "The Visitor"
Theme From Hong Kong Beat
Flights Of Fancy - "Tempo Of The Night"
Woman - "Naningo"
Phantom Band - "Rolling"
Justice - "Easy To Love"
Ian Willson - "Four In The Morning"
Gino Vannelli - "People Gotta Move"
Steve Winwood - "Penultimate Zone"
Domonik Von Senger - TP White
Rafael Sadiq - "The Answer"


conlon71 said…
Molly Wagner?
Anonymous said…
Molly WAGGER - For the typo police. Whoop-Whoop Busted : )
Anonymous said…
thanx! K

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