Hug On a Thrill (DJ Supermarkt Edit) - Don Brown

"There isn't much information flying around the internet on Don Brown, " says Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt. "He is definitely one of those hidden diamonds from the Bay Area Mellow Jazzy Softrock Scene of the late Seventies. What I know is that he did an album called I Can’t Say No in 1977, which I ran across in some dusty fleamarket for no money at all. I tell you, it is really great. My favourite track out of the pack is 'Hug On a Thrill', a lazy, warm, gentle, jazzy groover with weird stops and atmospheric sounds in it. Absolutely love that track, so I had to do an edit!" 

Download / Buy the original / Visit Marcus Liesenfeld's blog How Do You Are  


jz said…
Killer edit. I'm trying to track down info on Don Brown for a liner notes project I'm working on for Light in the Attic Records. Haven't found much. I stumbled across a Japanese YouTube channel a few months ago that had a bunch of his album tracks posted but they've since been removed. FYI Don Brown was based in Seattle, not the Bay Area. Before going solo, he had a project called BrownSmith, which was on a blue-eyed soul/prog-jazz tip and was pretty groovy:


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