Walk On By (Mojo Filter Re-Love) - Dionne Warwick

We've done a fair amount of beard-stroking about whether or not this Burt Bacharach and Hal David classic fits the theme of the site. Then we noticed that it reached number 7 on the US Adult Contemporary chart (home of the best in smooth AOR) in 1964 so we've included it on that flimsy basis. Plus - in the end - who cares anyway? The original is great (and we even quite like The Stranglers' 1978 cover version too) and we're always proud to feature the latest remixes from Mojo Filter, one of the most exciting and innovative producers at work today.   


Eddy said…
Wonderful little beat - nice and warm with great reference to the original - Thanks AOR
Scott said…
Miss Warwick definitely fits the AOR Disco site with her many adult contemporary hits
Tom Who said…
Certainly a good for for the site, orgasmically crafted and modern - love it!!!!!!!!!

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