The Follow Up - Special Mix for AOR Disco by 2 Many Cousins

Many thanks to Luis M and Sergio Layunta of 2 Many Cousins for this exclusive mix. Based in Madrid, Luis and Sergio are "music junkies, amateur selectors and a pair of charming cousins" who got together to explore their eclectic range of influences, from soft rock to Brazilian funk to "most underground sounds from New York."
This mix, the follow-up to Keep On Rolling,  has a strong early-to-mid 1980s feel with its big synthetic snares and camp vibe as typified by Queen's 1981 track "Body Language" which was influenced by Freddie Mercury's time in the clubs of Munich (and which went on to be much unloved by Queen's mainstream audience). 

1 - Escape from New York - Slow Beat
2 - Sexual Harrasment - I Need A Freak
3 - Kazino - Binary
4 - Cos Mes - xxx
5 - Esg - Standing In Line
6 - Gino Soccio - Turn It Around
7 - The Tribe - Jungle Rock
8 - Mutiny - Funk 'n' Bop
9 - Funk Fusion Band - Can You Feel It
10 - The Rolling Stones - If I Was a Dancer
11 - Esg - Bam Bam Jam
12 - Queen - Body Language
13 - Azymut - Country Road


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