Summer Breeze Part 3 by K

The two previous volumes in K's Summer Breeze series were among the most popular mixes we featured in 2012. So as the New Year begins we're keeping our heads resolutely in the past as K digs even deeper into the Westcoast/AOR vaults. For fans of lost yacht rock classics "Right Through The Heart" by Michael Johnson is total gold and other highlights include the unlikely smoothness and funk Roby Duke brings to evangelical Christianity in "Not The Same". And then there's "Dark Star" by Crosby, Stills and Nash, which has been a key track in the soft rock revival in recent years and encapsulates everything we love most on this site.  

Tim Sheppard  -  Hey There, Stranger (1979)
Bob Welch  -  Future Games (1979)
Ned Doheny  -  Think Like A Lover (1977)
Michael Johnson  -  Right Through The Heart (1980)
Lee Ritenour  -  Is It You (1981)
Jim Schmidt  -  Your Love Has Taken It All Away (1982)
Micky Denne & Ken Gold  -  Let's Put Our Love Back Together (1978)
Player  -  Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (1982)
Sons Of Champlin  -  For A While (1976)
Jiva  -  Hey Brother (1975)
Bob McGilpin  -  Love Is Gonna Bring Me Back (1978)
David Sanborn  -  Promise Me The Moon (1977)
Rasa  -  Questions In My Mind (1978)
CSN  -  Dark Star (1977)
Jess Roden  -  Loving You (1979)
David Roberts - Wrong Side Of The Tracks (1982)
Mariya Takeuchi  -  Plastic Love (Instrumental) (1984/2001)
Eric Tagg  -  No One There (1982)
James Walsh Gypsy Band  -  Bring Yourself Around (1978)
Roby Duke  -  Not The Same (1982)
Jim Photoglo  -  Beg Borrow Or Steal (1980)
Vapour Trails  -  True Love (1979)
Gregg Suriano  -  (I'd Rather Have) Believed A Lie (1978)
Tommy Coomes  -  Love Is The Key (1981)
Midnight Flyer  -  I Just Want To Love You (1977)
Exile  -  It Takes Love To Make Love (1980)
The Nielsen Pearson Band  -  Wasn't That The Love (1978)
Roby Duke  -  Seasons Of Change (1982)

Download Summer Breeze Volume 3 / Volumes 1 and 2


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