Too Slow To Disco - Various Artists (Compiled by DJ Supermarkt)

Here's a taster of the great new compilation Too Slow To Disco which will be coming out in April on CD, MP3 and double 180g yellow vinyl. The man behind it is Berlin-based Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt, a regular contributor and inspiration to this site, and he describes it as "mellow late 70s Westcoast Yachtpop you can almost dance to." 

Marcus will be coming over to London on Saturday 12th of April to play Too Slow To Disco sets at Rough Trade West and at Sean Rowley's night The Last Hurrah at Edition London, the new venue designed by Studio 54's Ian Schrager. Later this week we'll be running an exclusive interview with Marcus about the compilation and will be premiering his new mix but in the meantime head over to the album website for further information. 


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