Laurel Canyon Dreamstate Mix by Six Degrees Traveler

"Inspired by the beautiful new album from Beck, we spin an ambient set of rare remixes and edits focused around the sounds of the Laurel Canyon music scene, from the 60s on through to today," says Bob Duskis, the co-founder of San Francisco based independent label, Six Degrees Records. 

Six Degrees Traveler is the weekly radio show from the label and it's presented by Bob.  The show is dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of free-form radio and features different musical themes weekly.

You can listen on:  iTunes radio (under the "Eclectic" section) or on Live 365. If you're interested in checking out past shows, Mixcloud has 63 episodes available for streaming - and Ambient Rock Remixes the first Six Degrees Traveler mix we featured is available on this site.

Track list: 

David Crosby | I’d Swear There Was Somebody | If I Could Only Remember My Name | Atlantic
Beck | Cycle | Morning Phase | Capitol
Beck | Morning | Morning Phase | Capitol
Joni Mitchell | Woodstock (Kayla Scintilla Remix) | Promo Only
Beck | Unforgiven | Morning Phase | Capitol
David Crosby | Laughing | If I Could Only Remember My Name | Atlantic
Graham Nash | Better Nights (Social Disco Club Edit) | Promo Only
Jonthan Wilson | Gentle Spirit | Gentle Spirit | Bella Union
Carol King Vs. Flaming Lips | Going Far Away (Flying White Dots Mash Mix) | Promo Only
Crosby, Stills & Nash | Helplessly Hoping (Owen Westlake Remix) | Promo Only
Neil Young | Old Man (DSD Cosmic Edit) | Promo Only
Jonathan Wilson | Cecil Taylor | Fanfare Bella | Union Buffalo
Springfield Vs. Joe Walsh | Buffalo Walk (Flying White Dots Mash Mix) | Promo Only
Buffalo Springfield | For What It’s Worth (Virgin Magnetic Material Mix) | Promo Only
Graham Nash | Chicago (Disco Tech Edit) | Promo Only
The Byrds | Triad (DJ Steef Edit) | Promo Only
The Eagles | Hotel California (Luxxury Edit) | Promo Only
Crosby, Stills & Nash | Wooden Ships (CSO Remix) | Promo Only
Buckingham/ Nicks | Frozen Love (Proper Songs Re-Edit) | Promo Only
Love | Alone Again Or (Mono Single Remix) | Forever Changes Collectors Edition | Elektra
The Mamas & The Papas | Califirnia Dreaming (Chris Hurst’s Midnight Edit) | Promo Only
David Crosby | Orleans (Bobby Fi$cher Edit) | Promo Only
Lindsay Buckingham | Trouble (Prince Language On The Double Edit) | Promo Only
Joni Mitchell | Big Yellow Taxi (DJ Yamin Edit) | Promo Only
Crosby, Stills & Nash | Suite Judy Blue Eyes (Sound Remedy Remix) | Promo Only
Miles Davis | Guinnevere | The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions | Columbia



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