Around The Bend by Universal Cave

Universal Cave is a group of Philadelphia based DJs and record collectors. We featured their psychedelic rock mix Hongry earlier this year and following that we received a cassette of a mix called Soft Rock For Hard Times, which was compiled by Ryan Todd and Brian Cassidy. It was great to have a cassette again after all these years and the mix was every bit as good as you'd expect from Universal Cave. It features soft rock classics by Rudy Norman, Batteaux, Snowy White, Michael Tomlinson, Angelo, and many others. The cassette is now sold out but you can listen to and download the mix below. 

The mix does of course feature some serious rarities and perhaps the rarest of them all is track 2. No amount of Googling has uncovered the ID of this one, which Universal Cave describe as "a tune fit for hang gliders, rock climbers, and summer Sundays. Sunsets and sailboats. Slow grooves for mellow moods." 


They've just released it as a limited edition 7" single and in the UK you can buy it at Juno,  Picadilly Records or Global Groove.


ras tre said…
wait so no one knows what this is? i'm calling shenanigans

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