AOR Disco October Mix by DJ Same

Following his AOR Disco 5th Anniversary Mix - and numerous other classic mixes for us - DJ Same returns with his latest selection of soft rock, house and disco edits. 

01. Whore Your Love - Soft Rocks 
02. A Lullaby for Spiderman - Monkey Boots (The Phantom Flan Flinger Remix) 
03. Town Called Malice - The Jam (The Reflex Revision) 
04. Late Train - Paqua (Idjut Boys Late Brain Version) 
05. Need a 303 Tonight - Dr Packer (Dr Packer's Acid Rub) 
06. Mark My Words - Shallow Taxi Club (Disco Edit) 
07. Out of Touch - Hall and Oates (Superbreak Project Tempo Restructure) 
08. South African Cut and Shut - Soft Rocks 
09. No Fade Away - King Size Slim (Psychemagik's Line Dance Mix)
10. It's Your Favourite Foreign Movie - Unknown (Fingerman's Classic Edit)


Anonymous said…
The name of track 9 is incorrect. It's 'Not Fade Away - King Size Slim (Psychemagik's Line Dance Mix) and is a cover of Buddy Holly and Norman Petty's original 'Not Fade Away. -

"Love's for real, not fade away..."

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