Into a Quiet Night by Bill Spencer

"Into A Quiet Night - a cool night, mellow light," says Bill Spencer, the man behind the  Stoner Loners series. "Inspired by the opening Marty Balin track and picking up where it left off. Channeling midwest autumnal vibes. A Michigan boy's first trip to California. Dedicated to Mike, Scott, Andy, J Rowe and my AOR Jedi master Ray Cronk."

1. Marty Balin - Music Is The Light
2. Marc Jordan - Lost Because You Can't Be Found
3. 'A' Train - I Don't Want To Lose You
4. Robert Byrne - That Didn't Hurt Too Bad
5. Ambrosia - Holdin' On To Yesterday
6. Jim Capaldi - Man With No Country
7. Byrne & Barnes - Right Through the Heart
8. Crimson Tide - Jessie
9. Rupert Holmes - Philly
10. Ned Doheny - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me
11. Nimbus - Nezarai
12. Lava - Give It Up
13. Ron Baumber - Little By Little
14. Kenny Rankin - Strings
15. Hall & Oates - I'm Just a Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like A Man)
16. Poco - Faith In The Families
17. John Lennon - Bless You
18. The Hollies - Pick Up The Pieces Again
19. Grand Theft - Paris To Peru


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