Frictionless Mix Volume Two by Pencilface

"I finally got round to doing a follow-up to that Frictionless mix you guys kindly stuck on your site a few years back," says Pencilface. "I did it with you guys in mind, so I did a bit of searching and I'm pretty sure these tunes haven't been featured on AOR Disco already. As you have a few regular contributors who have totally nailed the cool-westcoast-SSW-vibe, I thought I'd go the other way and I collected together some slightly sillier tunes that all have something a bit odd about them, a lolloping groove or some clunky synthesiser sounds.  Having said that, some I stuck in purely because I bloody love them or they're dead catchy!  It starts mellow, but picks up pace, taking in Easy-glide, AOR-oddities and smooth foreign synth funk. No re-edits, just a bunch of old records."

1. LUCIO BATTISTI - amarsi un po' (Numero Uno 45)
2. KIM BEACON - it takes time to find love (Rialto LP)
3. BILL LaBOUNTY - clap me in irons (WB LP)
4. HAPPY END - あしたてんきになあれ (URC LP)
5. AMERICA - tin man (WB LP)
6. JIMMIE SPHEERIS - tequila moonlite (Epic LP)
7. NED DOHENY - sing to me (Columbia LP)
8. GARY WRIGHT - really wanna know you (WB LP)
9. KASPER WINDING - tag nu go ring (CBS LP)
10. STARBUCK - i'm crazy (Private Stock LP)
11. BRIAN SANDS - marimba sofas (Bizart LP)
12. SEA LEVEL - shake a leg (Capricorn LP)
13. LOUIS CHEDID - chacun chacune (CBS 45)
14. DIANE TELL - rendez vous (Pleiade LP)
15. THE BREAKFAST BAND - tokyo shuffle (Breakfast Music LP)
16. PINO DANIELE - a me me piace o blues (EMI LP)
17. ENZO CARELLA - barbara (It 45)
18. DARYL HALL - something in 4/4 time (RCA LP)
19. BRYAN FERRY - love me madly again (Polydor LP)


professor Eddy said…
It was worth the wait!!

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