Smoothday Volume One by Jeff Boozer

Thanks to Jeff Boozer for this mix of "solid gold sounds of the 1970s and 80s from the soft frequency and beyond."  

Jeff has been hosting an AOR night called Smoothday in Oakland, California for over four years. "It's at a small but very classy bar owned by a few friends," he says. "I started doing the event with another DJ who used a laptop, but since his departure I've been able to make it an all vinyl evening, cultivating a pretty faithful bunch of followers here in Oakland where we are lucky enough to have several bars and clubs that feature vinyl DJs as well as many independent record stores where I have been able to amass my collection of 1970s and 80s records.

AOR is an addictive genre of music and it had its heyday in an era of pretty balloon-like excess. But it also rewarding one to collect. I find just as many seminal AOR records for a dollar (or less) as I do paying high prices for them via mail order. Its also a lot of fun and the sound could not be better.

This mix is straight up "go for the yacht" rock, but features stuff I don't think has been used by many other AOR DJs before (and that's not an easy task given the skill of the dudes on your blog thus far)." 

1. Don't Talk - Larry Lee 1982
2. Lies - Dick St. Nicklaus  1980
3. Moolah Moo Mazuma ( Sin City Wahh-oo ) - Sanford And Townsend 1976
4. High - Cheryl Dilcher 1973
5. Sara Smile - Impact 1977
6. Ain't Love Enough - Attitudes 1975
7. Another Night Alone - Heartsfield 1977
8. Where Are You Hiding - Terence Boylan 1977
9. Can't Go Back to Cardiff - Gary Hyde, Mark Intravaia, Tom Boyd 1977
10. Ooo Wee Baby - Gabriel 1978
11. A Woman That You Can't Have - David Loggins 1979
12. Patio Lanterns - Kim Mitchell 1986
13. Plantation Harbor - Joe Vitale 1981
14. Gone - Jerry Williams 1979
15. She's Gone - Lou Rawls 1974

Download / Visit Jeff's new blog FM Version for additional rare tunes


professor Eddy said…
Very original selection!

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