AOR Disco Laid Back Mix by DJ Same

"This mix draws heavily on tunes and edits from the AOR Disco site and of course the fantastic DJ Supermarkt's Too Slow To Disco compilation albums," says Sam Edlin aka DJ Same.

"Spanning nearly 40 years it starts in 1976 with Ned Doheny and ends in 2014 with Rumer. With AOR staples like Nicolette Larson and the Jan Hammer Group to contemporary artists like Paqua, Kauf and Poolside (hopefully) joining the dots of the AOR Disco sound.

Recently AOR Disco contributor Kenny Dickenson has been playing and touring with Rumer so as the closing track it all tied up quite nicely. Hope you like it."

01. Get It Up For Love - Ned Doheny 02. Don't You Know - Jan Hammer Group 03. Spaceship Earth - David Batteau 04. We Are What We Are - Paqua 05. Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson 06. I Want To See You Dance (DJ Supermarkt Edit) - Andy Pratt 07. Clearly Kim (The Beat Broker Dub) - Pages 08. Relocate (Psychemagik Remix) - Kauf 09. Lorna (Kauf Remix) - Labyrinth Ear 10. Go! (Kauf Remix) - Public Service Broadcasting 11. Do you Believe (Original Mix) - Poolside 12. Take Me Home - Poolside 13. Dangerous - Rumer

Download / Photo by Brad Elterman


That Kauf remix of Go is so damn good!....need on vinyl.

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