Yacht Trip Volume One by Funk Bear Brothers

The Funk Bear Brothers aka Svolanski and Dropout are two vinyl addicts and DJ's from Hamburg who teamed up in 2008 and run two club nights featuring strictly vinyl music. Encouraged by the new wave of AOR orientated music they started making edits under the name The Dropshop and we'll be posting up a number of these in the coming weeks. For now though we're pleased to launch another yacht rock mix out on to the open waters and this one includes some great rarities such as 'Tomorrow Maker' by Mocky as well as lesser known tracks by smooth A-listers such as Robbie Dupree. It also includes a track from AOR Disco regular Barney Hurley from his time in Samuel Purdey.

01. Mocky - Tomorrow Maker
02. Valerie Carter – Crazy
03. Bobby Caldwell - Coming Down From Love
04. Gilles Rivard – Quelle Belle Vie
05. Queen - Cool Cat
06. Timothy – Your Love Rolled Over Me
07. James Taylor + J.D.Souther - Her Town Too
08. Paul Davis – Cool Night
09. Robbie Dupree - Hot Rod Hearts
10. The Bees Knees – Winning & Losing
11. Samuel Purdey - Lucky Radio
12. Pages – If I Saw You Again
13. Seals + Crofts - Diamond Girl
14. Adrian Gurvitz – Untouchable And Free
15. Starbuck - A Fool In Line
16. Benny Sings – Can You Believe It’s Magic
17. Luke Temple - Florida
18. Peter Brown – Without Love (Roane Namuh Edit)
19. Jeb Loy Nichols - Katie Blue
20. The Stepkids – The Lottery
21. Tierra - Together
22. Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop


Gama Clothing said…
Lucky Radio, a stone cold classic.
Anonymous said…
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undeadguy said…
the wrong Valerie Carter song is listed here. It is actually 'Change of Luck'

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