AOR On The Radio: Smooth Sunday Morning Sounds by Professor Eddy

"This latest volume of my AOR On The Radio series is my medicine for a Saturday night hangover," says Professor Eddy. "Most of the tracks are either by ladies (they are definitely in a minority on AOR Disco) or about them. For example, 'Arianne' by The Neville Brothers was the song that gave me the inspiration for this mix. I don't quite understand his exact relationship to her (“she’s the smell of coffee brewing, on a quiet, rainy Sunday”), but this is one of the best love songs ever. The track is from their self-titled album that came out in 1978. It took courage to make a country soul album in the midst of the disco heyday. The original version of ‘Arianne’ is from soul singer Johnny Mathis (it appeared on his Killing Me Softly With Her Song album that was released in 1973) and Rod McKuen, who recorded the song two years later, wrote on his official site that the song is a translated French poem. Rod McKuen (mostly known for his superb translations of Jacques Brel songs) sadly passed away in January last year.

Other tracks include ‘Riding the Waves' by British glam rock singer Steve Harley which is an interesting 'yacht rock' track. In 1978 Harley (of 'Make Me Smile' fame) went to Los Angeles to record the album Hobo with a Grin. On ‘Riding the Waves' he played together with singer Bobby Kimball (Toto), pianist Bill Payne (Little Feat) and drummer Rick Schlosser (Beach Boys). The album didn’t sell well, because his fans in the UK didn't expect him to record 'laidback Californian stuff', as Steve Harley explained it later. But in retrospect, it's one of his best albums. ‘Riding the Waves’ is still on his set list. I selected his live version from 2004."

Maureen McGovern – The Morning After (1972)
Maxine Weldon – I Want Sunday Back Again (1975)
The Neville Brothers – Arianne (1978)
Love ‎– Alone Again Or (1968)
Ruthann Friedman – Typical Sunday (1960s)
Bojoura – The Letter (1974)
Don Blackman – Holding You, Loving You (1982)
FCC – Let The Love On Through (1980)
Chaka Khan – Any Old Sunday (1981)
Mark Capanni ‎– I Believe In Miracles (1974)
Madelaine – Who Is She And What Is She To You (1978)
Kenny Pore – My Heart Knows (1985)
Jim Capaldi – Wild Dogs (1979)
Steve Harley – Riding The Waves (Live) (2004)
Four80East – Hold A Candle (2015)
Valentine Brothers – King Size Bed (1979)
Young Gun Silver Fox – Saturday (2015)


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