Satan - D.D Dumbo

Who does D.D Dumbo sound like? Is it Al 'Year of the Cat' Stewart? Are there  shades of Michael Franks here?  Or even Sting? Decide for yourself but one thing's clear: D.D Dumbo has a voice to rival many of the best artists of soft rock's golden age and we can't say that about many new indie artists. Also the production and arrangements here are the most inventive - and borderline eccentric - we've heard on a new release for while. The influences he's cited are "traditional stylings from around the globe such as African desert blues, Tanzanian ilimba and transcendental Tuvan melody." We can hear hints of '80s Trevor Horn and '70s prog too. 

D.D Dumbo's real-name is Oliver Hugh Perry and he comes from Castlemaine, a remote Victorian bush township in Australia. He's signed to the legendary 4ad label and has recently done shows with Tame Impala, Laura Marling and Daughter. He's currently working on a new album. 



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