Sunshine Days: Island Sounds, Harbor Grooves and Hot Tub Soul Vol 6 by Les Fisher

Can it really be a year since Volume 5 of Les Fisher's superb 1970s rarities series? Well, it's great to welcome him back. And behold the obscurity of the tracks below. As ever the songs might be hard to find but the quality is high. There are no dollar bin mediocrities here. So thanks again to Les for reviving the music that time unjustly forgot.

Redwood Landing - Cast My Mind Out On The Sea
David Hollen- This Could Be The Day
Mike Scott - Say Whatever Happened
Steve Eaton - Hurricanes And Tornadoes
Paul Virgilio Dionisio - Do My Will 
Stacey - Merrygoround
Bat MacGrath - The Spy
Jim & Jerome - Love The Changes
Daniel Lavoie - Henry
Joey Melotti - Take Another Look
Sheila Landis - Smiles In The Dark
Parker Brothers - Lady Day
Alexis - It's About You
Invisible Man's Band - Along The Way
Full Sail - Most Of The Time
Pacific Dreams - Blush
Brian Willia - Summertime
Navarro - Straight To The Heart
Canyon - Country Lovin'
Bill Puka - Sunshine Days
Cooley & Munson - Slightly Sue


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