White Rabbit (Pete Mullen's Two Drums Remix) - Jefferson Airplane

(updated) White Aeroplanes - Pete Mullen - White Rabbit - Jefferson Aeroplane Remix by PeteMullen


All hail Pete Mullen and his blinding restructure of the Jefferson Airplane classic...One of my all time favourite tracks, I remember being 12 or 13, putting on Surrealistic Pillow and lying down with the speakers either side of my head and literally tripping out...and then a year or two later with the help of a strawberry blotter I REALLY tripped out to this album ;)
Anyway, I digress...having heard a few remixes of White Rabbit over the years and knowing how hard it is to mix in with other tracks with its tempo changes I have got to say, Pete Mullen has nailed it by adding that drum pattern and the echo effects add a further psychedelic layer to Grace Slick's shamanic lyrics, a truly great AOR post.

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