Guest House Paradiso Volume 8 by Graeme Fisher

Graeme Fisher of The Extended Mix and Balearica delivers another outstanding mix - and this time it's for Daniel Donnachie's Cosmic Dancing. Highlights include a new edit of "Ball of Confusion" by The Undisputed Truth and the full-length version of "Valley Of Paradise", the latest single by Psychemagik. Guest House Paradiso Volume 8 can be downloaded here.

And coming soon for AOR Disco...the sequel to Graeme Fisher's classic Ibiza 1976ish Mix.   


poppycock said…
nice selection graeme. i love the cosmic dancing mix series too - danny gave me the first 47 on a CD a couple of years ago and i still haven't got bored of them. am excited about the ibiza '76 sequel too - a CD of that is in permanent residence in my car. thanks for all the music and keep on, soldier!
wallythe24 said…
great stuff , but what is that first song ? been in my head for days.

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