Tonight's The Night - Raydio featuring Ray Parker Jnr

The sound of seduction 1980 style, "Tonight's The Night" is a soul track that fits perfectly in a Westcoast / Yacht Rock set - as C.J. of Flashlites Productions showed on Ready 4 Airplay Volume 4. Co-written by Herbie Hancock, who plays keyboards here and who did a cover version on his Magic Windows album a year later, this track showcases the pure smoothness of Ray Parker Jnr. Especially towards the end of the song, after the marimba solo and before the squawks of jungle birds, when he sings: "So tell Thomas Edison / We don't want his lights /And remind Mr Bell / Not to ring this phone tonight..." Not even Michael McDonald could get away with that. 

Download Raydio original / Buy the album Two Places at One Time / Download 1981 Herbie Hancock cover version 


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