Waiting For The Man (Space Truckin' SFPV Edit) - Nazareth

Often described as the Scottish AC/DC, Nazareth are best known for their hard rock covers of Joni Mitchell's This Flight Tonight  and The Everly Brothers' Love Hurts, which were big hits in the mid-1970s. But our favourite moment in Nazareth's career is this track off their 1976 album Play 'n' the Game. The original version tells the manly story of Billy, Jed and Phil, "street corner people...drinkin' wine and gettin' crazy" and "shootin' our job to the local ladies" like "Fat Marie with the friendly eyes". This SFPV edit, which was first released in 2009, takes out most of the Dan McCafferty vocal though and moves the song further into cosmic funk-rock territory by concentrating on the bass-line and the warped guitar.

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