And So It Goes (RSS Disco Edit) - Graham Nash

Many thanks to Natalie, Falk and Max of RSS Disco for this exclusive edit of a track from Graham Nash's 1973 album Wild Tales. "We're three friends that like to play our records all through the night, " they say. "But especially in the morning hours when the sun comes up and shines in our faces. This Nash edit is one of the pieces, forged for those wee hours. 
We also operate a little label called Mireia. We had one release so far, featuring a track by us and two remixes by our pals Christopher Rau and Achim Maerz. A second release is coming soon. It'll feature a Hamburg-based band called The Building and a remix by Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt. Hope to meet everyone in Croatia in the summer, we'll be playing at Electric Elephant. Third year in a row of vacationing in beautiful Dalmatia!"


Anonymous said…
brilliant piece! love it.
Anonymous said…
The download is no longer available - could you relink please?
Unknown said…
Any chance of putting the download back up, after five years?

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