Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) - Fleetwood Mac

Following on from our recent conversation with Shai Vardi of Virgin Magnetic Material  - and his exclusive Queen remix for us - here's Part Three of our interview.

Have you released any of the VMM remixes yet? And have any of the original artists heard  them?

My version of Fly Like an Angel is going to be released at Editorial Records soon, and I know that the remix I did for Faithless' Insomnia was on their homepage several months. Generally I'm getting some offers at the moment and I want to make a decision that will be based on legal releases. I want the owners of the originals' rights to get their fair share from selling the pieces.

Do you produce entirely original tracks too?

Lately I've been writing and producing original music to film and television, and also some songs for local artists. And my  original tracks that will sound like my VMM remixes, based on songs I write.

Tell us a bit about the electronic music scene in Tel Aviv

Lots of things have been happening here in recent years, and Tel Aviv is the place to party. People here like having a good time and there are lots of great clubs catering to all kinds of audiences; from huge ones playing commercial to smaller electro and indie, and dub or disco. On any given week you can find musicians and DJs coming from all over the world, and there are also lots of local, wonderful DJs. Another phenomenon that spread in the last few years is that lots of local musicians write and produce their music in English. There is, for instance, lorena_b that I recently heard and really liked, and Terry Poison - both bands are making great electro-pop music.

 Read Parts One and Two of our interview with Shai Vardi / Download of the VMM remix of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide is currently unavailable but the 1975 original version is available here 


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