Greetings From The West Coast by Foster // Magic Riot

"What can I say...I've always loved this kind of music," says Tobi Schweizer ask Foster // Magic Riot. "It's just beautiful songwriting, with solid grooves and a laid-back feeling to it. I don't have to tell you. So I felt like putting a selection together with some of my favourites. Fascinated by the people behind it, all those studio-cats, songwriters and producers, I sampled interviews with them to use as interludes. David Foster, Richard Page, Nathan East, Jay Graydon, the guys from Toto and others are speaking here. 
Well, that's about it.  I'm just another music-nerd and crazy for digging out old records. And if you're wondering about my moniker: Foster is a name I used for a few house records I produced and released some years ago, and I still use it from time to time when I DJ; and Magic Riot is my newer, less club orientated, music-project I'm working on. I'm really slow as a producer but I hope the first Magic Riot tracks will be released in the near future."

Sons of Champlin - You 
FCC - Falling Out Of Love 
Rupert Holmes - Deco Lady 
Boz Scaggs - JoJo 

Leon Ware - Miracles 

Eric Tagg - No One There 

Starbuck - Fool In Line 

Lee Ritenour - Countdown 

Brenda Russell - Hello People 

Kenny Loggins - Wait A Little While 

Pages - Let It Go 

Herb Alpert - I Get It From You 

Marlena Shaw - Without You In My Life


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