Captain Sunshine and The Valley People Mixtape by Seahawks

There's a brand new Seahawks production on the horizon: Captain Sunshine and The Valley People. The Seahawks describe it as "sweet psychedelic AOR, dream wave and island funk". And to celebrate the release - "and to salute the sun we're all loving right now" -  here's an exclusive mixtape for AOR Disco. "Time to find a beach in your mind and take it easy..."

01. Stephen Bishop - Vagabond From Heaven 
02. Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds 
03. Rupert Holmes - So Beautiful It Hurts 
04. Bill LaBounty - Secrets 
05. Charlie Bleak - New York Summer 
06. Michael Farneti - Nineteenth Summer 
07. Steve Miller - High On You Mama 
08. MV & EE - Trailer Trash 
09. Gala Drop & Ben Chasny - Brain 
10. Chrisma - Mandoia 
11. Captain Sunshine & The Valley People - In Space We Dream 
12. Stephen Bishop - A Fool At Heart 
13. Neil Diamond - Captain Sunshine 
14. Harry Nilsson - All I Think About Is You 
15. Lewis - Like To See You Again

Further details about the album on the Seahawks blog /
Download mixtape


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