You're No Better Than A Common Thief - Bill House

 'You're No Better Than A Common Thief' was rescued from obscurity a couple of years ago by DJ Supermarkt who made it the opening track on his Nite-Flyte mix. In fact it was so obscure that barely anyone heard it even in 1974 when it was released as a single from Give Me A Break, Bill House's only album before he too disappeared from view. It's hard to find any information at all about Bill House and this track doesn't even have the distinction of being a one hit wonder. But what a smooth classic it is, and the man responsible for the great production here is the late Terry Melcher, influential Westcoast solo artist, producer of the Byrds and the only son of Doris Day. 

Download / Listen to Rayko remix / Buy the album Give Me a Break 


Anonymous said…
Great song, Bill. I'm glad it's BACK! Your pal, Beeek
Anonymous said…
Bill House did not dissappear. Another album called Dancing With A Smile, is out there.

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