Relocate (Psychemagik Remix featuring Henrietta Tiefenthaler) - Kauf

Kauf is Los Angeles based producer Ronald Kaufman. As with other contemporary acts from the city, like Poolside and Rhye, his music has the customary laid back and hazy West Coast sound but also a dark, melancholic feeling about it too. When You’re Out was a great early track and this vinyl only re-release of 'Relocate' on Cut Copy's new label could well be a breakthrough moment for him. The reason? Psychemagik and their extraordinary remix which has made Kauf's talent as a vocalist and song-writer seem much more vivid somehow.

"We really loved the original and were super excited to remix it," says Tom Coveney of Psychemagik. "We've tried to capture Kauf's haunting vocals and create a next dimension soundscape around them. To the moon and back!"

Since they first made a name for themselves in 2009 with their remix of Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, Psychemagik have steadily become one of most accomplished production and DJing partnerships in the UK. They were hailed by Mixmag as "The Stars of 2012" and are currently touring the US for the second time this year. Recent highlights include remixes of Falling by Haim and Kaleidescope by Mirror People - as well as a popular return to the Fleetwood Mac archive with Dreams.


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