"Do You Like....Kenny Loggins?" (Mixed by J Feathers)

Detroit's J Feathers, the man behind our superb Light Departures mixes of 'soft-prog', returns with a new series. "It’s been about a year since I made a mix for AOR Disco," he says. "I’ve been enjoying all the new ones that have come up in the past months and I was getting really nervous about what do do next. But then it hit me…ALL LOGGINS! I know that I’m probably preachin’ to the choir here but having an hour (plus) of Kenny is great for a fan already or someone who just doesn’t even know yet. I’m going to start doing these “Do You Like…” mixes as a regular thing now. Next on deck is Michael Franks. I can’t wait - so many gems to chose from."

Time to Space (1974)
Lady Luck (1977)
Give It Have A Chance (1979)
What A Fool Believes (1978)
Vahevala (1971)
I Believe In Love (1977)
Nightwatch (1978)
Fever Dream (1974)
Enter My Dream (1974)
It Must Be My Imagination (1982)
Wait A Little While (1978)
Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong (1979)
Heart To Heart (1982)
Junkanoo Holiday (Fallin’-Flyin’) (1979)
If You Be Wise (1977)


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