Too Slow To Disco UK Record Release Yacht-Tour

This month sees the Too Slow To Disco UK Record Release Yacht-Tour, in association with How Do You Are and AOR Disco. This compilation 0f rare or forgotten '70s soft rock has had an extraordinary amount of press coverage so far, with glowing reviews in music magazines such as Mixmag and Mojo (although the response in Uncut was as conventional and snobbish as you'd expect) and in the mainstream publications too, from The Independent to Esquire, who described the compilation as "frankly spectacular" and said it "confirms that yacht is at least as deep a genre as vintage soul or reggae".  

After launches in Berlin and Barcelona, the UK tour kicks off in London on July 10th at Alibi with the Record Release Party. Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt, the man behind the compilation, will be playing and so too will AOR Disco regular and Vintage Edits producer Mojo Filter. Other dates include a set at Manchester's Piccadilly Records, who have put Too  Slow To Disco in at number 2 in their Top 10 compilations of 2014. You can listen to a preview of the record on the exclusive mini-mix below (which has had over 10,000 plays in the last month alone) and further information and updates are available on the Too Slow To Disco Facebook page.


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