Woman From The Ghetto (Antenna Happy Edit) - Marlena Shaw

We'll soon be posting up a track from Marlena Shaw's smooth but forgotten early 1980s album but in the meantime here's an exclusive reworking of one of her late 1960s classics. Although California Soul  is the Marlena Shaw song you're most likely to hear now, Woman From The Ghetto has been the most sampled and remixed - most famously by Blue Boy in the mid-1990s. But this dubby, acidic remix by Antenna Happy is one of the best yet and it also marks Antenna Happy's return to music after a twenty year break. And in mid-September his Pinto EP will be released on Reinhardt Records, the new label from Alex Oxley of Fleetmac Wood  (a party and remix project devoted exclusively to Fleetwood Mac). The vinyl is available to pre-order  now.


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