No Strangers In Paradise: a mix for AOR Disco by jFeathers

jFeathers, the man behind the Light Departures 'soft-prog' series, returns with his latest mix of 1970s rarities.  "I’ve gotten a few more obscure AOR LP’s lately from my friends at Hello Records and People’s Records in Detroit," he says. "So, I put a mix together for the AOR Disco site. I don’t think that any of these tunes have been featured on AOR Disco mixes before."  

its going on saturday - aztec two step
there he still goes - jan akkerman & kaz lux
just for you - jiva
the maze - harvey mason
time to love - barrabas
you’re out of love - alessi
black sheep - hammer
windows - utopia
hearts touch - david wingo
deja vu - dionne warwick
amy (show the world your there) - the keane brothers take me closer - phil keaggy
in the morning - mike greene
use them all - peddler
one way rag - alan white
it’s all about you - alexus
chemistry - mondo rock
you’ve got me dancing - windjammer
no strangers in paradise - charlie 

Download / Photo by Neil Krug


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