Twin Peaks by Cutloose

Many thanks for Paul Jenks of Cutloose for this exclusive mix for AOR Disco. Cutloose is the long-running Manchester based "celestial and clandestine" club night which has featured guests such as ESP Institute,  Idjut Boys, Mark Seven, Cos Mes and Theo Parrish. 

"This mix certainly AOR focused but it has other rock and new wave elements to it," says Paul. "And running through the mix is a Twin Peaks theme, which is a bit tongue in cheek."

George Theodorakis - The Rules Of The Game
Smith & Mudd - Shulme (Lexx Remix)
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Dark Star
Chuck Mangione- Diana D
Mystery Track
Jerry Harrison - Perfect Lie
Steve Miller Band - Slinky
Dunkelziffer  -Trailer II
Saada Bonaire - The Facts 
B-52's - Deep Sleep
Laid back - Fly Away
Mystery Track
Double  - Woman Of The World
Carlos Santana - Stormy
Carlos Santana - One With You


Anonymous said…
wow, great selection! very esoteric!

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