A Day In The Blue (West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock Volume 8) by pH

Paul Hillery continues his explorations to the frontiers of 1970s soft rock and disco obscurity. And in this mix he outdoes himself with the inclusion of Chandos Music's 'To See One Eagle Fly', recorded from the 7" Peter Beaver owns, which is the only copy in the whole world. 

Jeff Eubank - Summersong
Mark Capanni - A Day In The Blue
Jeff Harrington - Kristi
Spin - Spinning
Evie Sands - You Can Do It
Lake - Key To The Rhyme
David Chalmers - Hotel Room
Chandos Music - To See One Eagle Fly
Ron Drago - Phase Dance
Gino Vannelli - Great Lake Canoe
Mike Lundy - The Rhythm Of Life
John Tropea - In This Time
Rhead Brothers - Don't Lose The Rhythm
Natural Order - Jealousy (Part 1)
Lesette Wilson - Corrida ("Ai No Corrida")
Dave Plaehn - Not Bound To Lose
Johnson & Drake - Slow Boat


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