The Softest Stone: Volume One

"Deep cuts from 75-82," says Greg Brown of The Softest Stone. "Styles range from mellow folk to slinky funk to moody pop-rock, while the vibe runs throughout. Enjoy."

1) Lovin' You - Sand
2) Crossfire - Henry Paul Band
3) Never Again - Marc Tanner Band
4) Whatever It Takes - Life
5) All Of My Love - The Bees Knees
6) Down For The Third Time - Bobby Caldwell
7) Easing Back - Starbuck
8) The Story of a Boy In Love - Stephen Bishop
9) If I Saw You Again - Pages
10) Questions In My Mind - Rasa
11) You're The Singer - Michael Georgiades and Bernie Leadon
12) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - Tarney and Spencer
13) Evil - Accomplice
14) Within A Dream - Randle Chowning Band
15) Woman You Can't Control - Scandal 
16) July Moon - Brownsmith


professor Eddy said…
Nice one! I like Fantasy Radio 1 by The Softest Stone on Mixcloud as well.

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