Slow Moves (Mojo Filter Mantra Edit) - José González

"With four AOR Disco Vintage Edits compilation CDs ram-packed under my belt and a new MOOG synth squeezed in the new studio, I've started a new venture featuring my original works," says Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter. "The new album is called Escape Aid and I've self-released it on my new label which is set to carve out a new direction for me. With all the programming I do throughout the year on various outdoor festivals, the label will serve as a platform to release other acts with a similar sensibility. Holtoug is a great artist firmly on my radar. He has some some proper far-our original works in the pipeline I hope to release. 

Having said all this I do still love my remixing work so I may have a cheeky sideline in the odd throwback slo-mo revisitation now and then. In the meantime, you can now enjoy all my AOR Disco compilations completely free from my Bandcamp page

So yeah, watch this space. I plan to take this MOOG on some mystical journeys - it sounds so sick - I love it."

Download / Buy original version / Photo by Neil Krug


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