Summer Breeze Part 4 by K

Berlin's K is one of the finest DJs and curators on the site. He has four series running with us: Flying Cloud (cosmic folk), Utopia (progressive rock), Country Roads (alt-country) and this one, Summer Breeze, which offers a masterclass in  smooth AOR/Westcoast music. It's been two years since Summer Breeze Part 3 (and eight years since Part 1 was originally aired on a Berlin radio station) and now K has delivered three new mixes in one go, which we'll be featuring in quick succession. 

"Parts 4 and 5 are mainly funky AOR" says K. "Whereas Part 6  is more back to the roots, which means early 70's Westcoast folk rock. On all of them though there are some hits, many of my favorite rarities and many songs that I've found at your blog too." 

Solution - Empty Faces (1977)
Heartsfield - Needing Her (1975)
Fotomaker - If I Can’t Believe In You (1978)
Marc Jordan - Lost Because You Can't Be Found (1978)
Robbie Patton - Alright (1981)
Sweet Comfort Band - The Just Go On (1981)
Sunshine - Just Let It Rain (1977)
Brooklyn Dreams - Fallin’ In Love (1980)
Garcia Brothers - Couldn't Bear To See (1981)
Fred Knoblock - Still Feel The Same Way (1980)
Richard Torrance - Anything’s Possible (1978)
Feiten-Larsen Band - Brown Eyes (1982)
Hal Bradbury - You Win, I Lose (1981)
Jorge Santana - Tonight You're Mine (1978)
Fortune - Her Town Too (1982)
Rob Mehl - House On The Rock (1981)
Sun Rai - San Francisco Streets (2013)
Dwayne Ford - Lovin' And Losin' You (1981)
James Ward - Take Hold (1982)
Santiago - Just Another Night Flight (1979)
Stephen Bishop - Save It For A Rainy Day (1977)
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Don’t Look Back (1978)

Download / Photo by Neil Krug 


Anonymous said…
Hello! I'm enjoying this mix, but am unable to d-l volumes 1-3 from the divshare links that are on each volume's page. Are these sets available on Soundcloud or elsewhere? Thanx in advance for any info.
Yes sorry about that. Divshare is down at the moment so will post up new links...
Anonymous said…
Thanx very much. Should I look for them here, or in the appropriate page for each mix? Would also be interested in a good link for the Country Roads set, if possible, please & thank you.
We'll do a post in the next few days with downloads for the complete K archive...
professor Eddy said…
Lovin' And Losin' You is a great track!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I 'm enjoying these melodies. VERY COOL
David said…
5 songs in - and love the Heartsfield/Jordan/Patton cuts so far. Good work!

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