Summer Breeze Part 5 by K

Berlin's K returns with this fifth volume in his Summer Breeze series of AOR/Westcoast mixes. And once again he delivers a masterclass in smooth. Check out his other series for us too: Flying Cloud (cosmic folk), Utopia (progressive rock) and Country Roads (alt-country). 

Mackey Feary Band - Catherine (1978)
Bruce Hibbard - Don’t Surrender (2008)
The Kazu Matsui Project - Standing On The Outside (1983)
Fred Knoblock - A Bigger Fool (1980)
Mick Jackson - Step Inside My Rainbow (1979)
Dane Donohue - Can’t Be Seen (1978)
Christopher Cross - Isn’t It Love (1992)
Feiten-Larsen Band - Who'll Be The Fool Tonight (1980)
Russ Ballard - What Does It Take (1978)
Art Garfunkel - Finally Found A Reason (1979)
Michael Tomlinson - Asphalt Dream (1985)
Mark Williamson - I Need You (1979)
America - Old Man Took (1974)
Jim Guthrie - So Small (2003)
Andy Gibb - Dance To The Light Of The Morning (1977)
James Walsh Gypsy Band - I've Got The Feelin' (1979)
Dann Rogers - Looks Like Love Again (1980)
Camelle Hinds - Closer To The Source (1999)
Marc Jordan - Lost In The Hurrah (1979)
Tim Weisberg (ft. Bill Champlin) - Don't Keep Me Waiting Girl (1980)

Download / Photo by Neil Krug


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