Untouchable & Free (West Coast, Sunset Disco & Yacht Rock Volume 9) by pH

Paul Hillery digs deep once again into his formidable record collection to bring us the rarest yachtworthy sounds of the 1970s and early 1980s. 

Elliott And Walter - Baby, Baby, Baby (LP JAM 1975) Augustwolf - Savin' Me (LP Augustwolf Prod. 1978) Snail - Freedom In The Country (LP Cream Records 1978) Booker T & The MG's - Sticky Stuff (LP Asylum Records 1977) Sun - Light Me Up (LP Capitol Records 1977) Seawind - The Devil Is A Liar (LP CTI Records 1976) Adrian Gurvitz - Untouchable And Free (LP Jet Records 1979) Ulla - Space Lady (LP Pop Eye 1982) George Franklin Smallwood & "Marshmellow" - Hey Mamma (RE45 Smallwood) Ronnie Butler And The Ramblers - Peace Without Love (LP Pot Luck 1978) Paul Hart - Peppermint Park (LP Bruton Music 1981) Diane Tell - J N'en Peux Plus (LP Disques Pleiade 1977) Tranquility - Couldn't Possibly Be (LP Epic 1972) The Eleventh Hour - Hollywood Hotter (Instrumental) (45 20th Century Records 1975) Eddie Fisher - Stay Together (45 Nentu Records Unknown)


Martijn Soetens said…
Great songs! I just discovered 'Light me up' by Sun! Thanks!

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