Magik Forest Part One (AORDiscoVersion) by pH

A new mix by pH (the man behind our much-loved West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock series) inspired by his morning sets at Psychemagik's secret festival last year and at their Arabian Tent at the Lunar Festival in Tamworth In Arden this year. In Magik Forest pH explores the more beardy and mystical dimensions in his formidable record collection. "The Lunar set might not not have been in Topanga Canyon," says pH, "But Tamworth was transported there for a couple of hours!"

Wolves And Whales - Before I've Gone
Jimmy Webb - Skylark (A Meditation)
Eric Bibb & Bert Deivert - Labyrinth
Roland Utbult - Solklart
Jean Pierre Alarcen - Soir
Jeff Eubank - For Your Return
Darrell John - Write Your Lucky Number
Joseph Brunelle - A Case Of Blind Justice
Al Anderson - I Just Want To Have You Back Again
Tomales Bay - I Sure Do Love You
The Spurrlows - Sunday Morning
James Vincent - Space Traveler
Gordon Haskell - Hambledon Hill
Dave Plaehn - For You (I'd Undo Anything)
Alain Bellaïche Avec Alain Renaud - Can't Find My Way Home
Sweet Toothe - Karen David Crosby - Music Is Love
Merrell Fankhauser And The Maui Band - Calling From A Star (Reprise)

Download / Photo by Neil Krug


dj rod said…
Excellent mix but it needs a tracklist.
Please and thank you.

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